Working Paper

Currently I work on the following projects:

Bozhinov, V. (2018). Stock price reactions to policies promoting women on boards: Evidence from Germany. Available at SSRN:

Bozhinov, V. (2018). Team diversity and performance in female and male sports teams:
When gender is not salient anymore. Mimeo.

Bozhinov, V. und V. Steitz. (2018). Gender diversity and firm performance in Germany: A replication study. Mimeo.

Bozhinov, V., Koch, C. und T. Schank. (2018) The second glass ceiling: Women’s role in supervisory boards of German firms. Revise and resubmit.

Bozhinov, V., Joecks, J. und K. Scharfenkamp. (2018) Gender spillovers from supervisory boards on management boards? Under review..

Bozhinov, V., Grote, N. (2017) Performance under psychological pressure on the court: Evidence from professional volleyball. Mimeo..